San Francisco Caffè Company General

What makes SF Caffè unique among the competitors?
San Francisco Caffè is positioned as not just a coffeehouse but also a healthy foods eatery, offering a wide selection of Soups, Sandwiches and Salads that are made fresh to order.

Is Hong Kong available for franchising?
All the stores in Hong Kong are corporate owned and operated. We welcome interested parties to discuss opportunities outside of Hong Kong.

Franchise System

What kind of franchise arrangements does San Francisco Caffe offer?
Depending on your market, San Francisco Caffe has Single Unit, Multi Unit, Area Development and Master Franchise opportunities available.

What is the length of my franchise agreement?
San Francisco Caffe franchise agreements typically are a 10-year term (5 Year Initial Term + 5 Year Renewal Term).

Franchise Fee

How much does it cost to open a San Francisco Caffe store?
This can vary according to the size, market and site conditions. In general, the build up cost will vary depending on your marker. Please contact us to learn more.

What is the minimum net worth and liquid assets required to franchise?
This will vary as we take the anticipated development and project size as a whole into consideration. Please contact us to learn more.

What is the fee for a Pacific Coffee franchise?
This will vary as we take several factors including territory, development plan and the partner’s experience and capabilities into consideration. Please contact us to learn more.


What kind of support will the franchisees get?
Support is always the most important factor in the franchise system. We provide support from initial consultation, site selection and build-out, operations training, marketing, product development and technology support.

How long does it take for training?
Training methods and length will be customized to cater for the different needs of each franchise store and its management staff. Please contact us to learn more.

Franchisee Requirements

What are the criteria you will use to select franchisees?
The best partner would be any independent investors and companies that have a proven business track record and sufficient financial resources with  immense energy in developing our brand through one of the available franchise options.

Do I need experience in the retail coffee business?
Food & Beverage, Hospitality or Retail experience are definitely a desired, but not a must. Energy and capability would be the primary factors that will help us to make our franchisee selections.

I am very interested in San Francisco Caffe franchising, what should I do?
Click “Franchisee” to provide your information and a representative will respond to your enquiry soon.


If you are interested in franchising, share your passion by providing the information on Franchisee or send us an enquiry at