About Us

San Francisco Caffè is a specialty coffee retailer with stores in Cambodia that is dedicated to serving the finest coffee and drinks to people from all walks of life and at any point in their lives. We all have our ups and downs and we all have hills to climb and rivers to cross every single day. Our lives may be full of obstacles, but it is our belief that a great cup of coffee and love can get you through any situation. So we aim to offer "a bit of love in every cup” of coffee that we serve. This coffee is our promise that we will be there to serve you a freshly roasted cup at both your highs and your lows. From bean to cup our coffee comes from nine of the world’s best Arabica beans, cupped for quality, and made-to-order. It is our goal to inspire love and community, provide coffee of the highest quality, and be there to give you some happiness when you need it the most.

Our name was inspired by the culturally diverse and vibrant city of San Francisco which has a long and rich history of coffee.  The coffee roasting business began in San Francisco in 1850, when it officially became a city and not just a staging area for gold miners. The population had grown to over 40,000 by this time from just 800 two years earlier as fortune seekers flocked to California from throughout the country; among them were James Folger and William Bovee. Mr. Bovee, who needed a carpenter to build a spice and coffee mill, hired James Folger, and the pair later became partners in what was deemed the first coffee mill in San Francisco at the time.